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Our Benefits

Taking care of you,
as you take care of others.

At HCA Houston, we believe strength comes from a healthy work/life balance and knowing you have the resources you need for complete care. Our HCA Total Rewards program offers an extensive list of benefits, including comprehensive medical insurance, discounted auto insurance rate and low prices on consumer products. Check out the list below for a few HCA plan highlights.

Paid Time Off - This program combines vacation, holiday and sick leave in one, flexible plan. Time off grows with years of service at your hospitals. Employees can also take advantage of “cashing out” paid time off.

Medical Insurance - Our flexible Smart Care medical plan allows employees to choose the coverage that works best for them and their families. All four Smart Care options are PPO plans, but the Select Plan offers certain HMO-like features, such as co-pays for routine office visits and no deductibles. Each plan lets employees select their level of coverage based on their personal situations and needs. Prescription drug coverage is also included in the Smart Care Program.

Dental Insurance - Our dental plans also afford you and your dependents a choice in the type of plan you prefer. With dental HMO and PPO choices, you are sure to find the dental coverage and providers that best meet your needs.

Vision Plan - The Vision Plan provides benefits for eye exams, lenses, frames and laser correction surgery, as well as the opportunity to save on replacement, eyeglasses, sunglasses and other eye care items.

Life Insurance - The hospital pays the full cost of life insurance equal to a year's base salary for all full-time employees. Life insurance benefits also include the options to increase this amount up to 5 times annual base salary and to cover eligible dependents for amounts up to $25,000.

Long-Term Disability - This plan offers you income protection if you are faced with a disability that prevents you from returning to work on a long-term basis. Disabled employees become eligible to apply for income replacement once they have been absent from work for a period of 5 months.

Flexible Spending Accounts - This program makes it easy to set up a spending account. With this account, our employees take full advantage of putting tax-free dollars towards daycare services and medical-related purchases.

HCA 401K - The HCA 401(k) Plan combines contributions from your facility with your own contributions to help you save for the future. Your facility provides a 100% match on your contribution (from 3% to 9% of pay) based on your years of service. That means for every dollar you contribute, your facility contributes $1 (up to your matching level).

Employee Assistance Program - All employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a confidential counseling and referral service providing personal, legal and financial services.

Health and Wellness Program - HCA has partnered with H2U, an outside organization, to offer the “Life: Live It Well” health and wellness program. This program is available to all full-time and part-time HCA-affiliated employees and their insured spouses and adult dependents. The program includes newsletters and quarterly magazines filled with tips and news for a healthier lifestyle. A confidential Personal Health Assessment provides opportunities to learn about health risks and the resources available. Rewards are available to employees who take preventive action for their good health.

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